Integrate with Transifex and automate your localization process. Here are a few things you can do.

πŸš€ Make Localization a Continuous, Automated Process

Save engineering time from manual, mundane tasks and release localized content in parallel to the development cycle.

  • Browse the Transifex API and create custom integrations with the Translation Management System.
  • Install the Transifex CLI to push and pull content for localization.
  • Use Webhooks to get notifications and trigger jobs, when the translation process is complete.
  • Explore the available integrations in the user documentation.

✈️ Over the air

Level-up your localization development experience with Transifex Native and cloud based localization. Publish translation updates to Django, JavaScript, Python, iOS and Android apps instantly with Framework Specific SDKs that follow a universal localization syntax.

πŸ“’ Code repositories

Seamlessly integrate your Github and Bitbucket repositories with your Transifex projects in order to sync localization efforts across platforms.

βš™οΈ Embed L10n in your CI/CD process

Transifex supports over 46 localization file formats. For most file formats, Transifex uses UTF-8 encoding. Transifex supports plurals for all file formats that support them, e.g. Android, Apple strings, Java, JSON with ICU plurals, Structured JSON, XLIFF and YAML.