Release Management

By default, any changes to translations made in Transifex, will almost instantly become available in the app using the Transifex Native SDK.

The Native SDK provides some additional filtering options to serve translations based on a string's translation status.

A translated string can have the following additional statuses:

  • reviewed
  • proofread (if enabled in the workflow)
  • finalized (an alias to reviewed or proofread, depending on the latest configured workflow step)

By using the following variations in the Django settings file, we can control whether we want to bring to our Django app all translations or reviewed only translations:

# Serve only reviewed strings

# Serve only proofread strings

# Serve only finalized strings

In addition, we can choose to pull content from Transifex that contains specific tags, using the following in the Django settings file.

# Fetch only strings being tagged with either python or product