Setup JavaScript SDK

In this article, you will find all the information regarding setting up your Transifex project to leverage the Transifex Native SDK.

To get started with a Transifex Native setup you will need to have:


Transifex Native supports node.js 12.x.x versions and above.

To install the SDK to your project use this command:

$ npm install @transifex/native @transifex/cli --save


To be able to authenticate you will need a set of credentials for the specific Transifex project you want to set up Transifex Native on.

Transifex Native SDK communicates with Transifex through the Transifex Content Delivery Service and requires the following credentials:

  • project_secret, related to your Transifex project and used for pushing source content to Transifex
  • project_token, again related to your Transifex project and used for pulling translations from Transifex

Once you have those two credentials you can proceed to configuring your project.

Before using Transifex Native you need to initialize it using the following snippet:

import { tx } from '@transifex/native';

  // Public project token, defaults to empty string
  token: 'project_token',