Transifex Native Feature Matrix

This is a helper page on the supported Transifex Native features per framework.

Supported frameworksDjango, Python 2.7, Python 3.5+Vanilla, React, React-Native, Angular, NodeJSiOS 10+, Swift 5.3, Objective C, XCode 12.3+Android 4.3, Android SDK 18+
Generic ICU syntaxN/AN/A
Translate function (t)
Unescaped Translate function (ut)
Get project languages
Source language as target language
Send SDK version header to CDS
Background update of content
Pseudo localization
Language picker helperN/AN/A
Offline support
Rerender component on language change
Interpolation of rich content inside templates✅[1]N/AN/A
Developer comments
Character limit metadata
Tags metadata
Custom keys
Push source content
Append extra tags (--append-tags)
Push filters using tags (--with-tags-only, --without-tags-only)
Purge existing Transifex content (--purge)
Invalidate cache command
Configurable missing policy
Configurable error policy
Configurable cache
Configurable CDS host
Content splitting (fetch content with tags only)

[1]: Available for React only